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교수진 소개

  • 부교수
  • 우사이먼성일
  • 2022 SKKU Fellowship


이상징후탐지, 데이터 마이닝/기계학습 응용, 보안, 프라이버시, 인간과컴퓨터상호작용, 인공위성시스템, 융합


  • Ph.D. Computer Science, 2017 University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles, CA


  • 연구원, 미국 항공우주국 제트추진연구소 (NASA-JPL)

학술지 논문

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  • (2023)  Distance adaptive graph convolutional gated network-based smart air quality monitoring and health risk prediction in sensor-devoid urban areas.  SUSTAINABLE CITIES AND SOCIETY.  91,  1
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  • (2022)  ORVAE: One-Class Residual Variational Autoencoder for Voice Activity Detection in Noisy Environment.  NEURAL PROCESSING LETTERS.  54,  3
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  • (2021)  Neural network laundering: Removing black-box backdoor watermarks from deep neural networks.  COMPUTERS & SECURITY.  106, 
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  • (2018)  Password typographical error resilience in honey encryption.  COMPUTERS & SECURITY.  1,  1


  • 국가보안연구소 원장상, 한국정보보호학회 동계학술대회 2018
  • 장려상, 정보보호 데이터첼린지 2017
  • 우수논문상, 한국정보보호학회 동계학술대회 2017
  • 우수논문상, WISA 학회 2016


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  • (2023)  MGCMA: Multi-scale Generator with Channel-wise Mask Attention to generate Synthetic Contrast-enhanced Chest Computed Tomography.  ACM SIGAPP Symposium on Applied Computing.  에스토니아
  • (2023)  Rotated-DETR: an End-to-End Transformer-based Oriented Object Detector for Aerial Images.  ACM SIGAPP Symposium on Applied Computing.  에스토니아
  • (2023)  S-ViT: Sparse Vision Transformer for Accurate Face Recognition.  ACM SIGAPP Symposium on Applied Computing.  에스토니아
  • (2022)  A2: Adaptive Augmentation for Mitigating Dataset Bias.  Asian Conference on Computer Vision.  중국
  • (2022)  RCRL: Replay-based Continual Representation Learning in Multi-task Super-Resolution.  IEEE International Conference on Advanced Video and Signal-Based Surveillance.  스페인
  • (2022)  GLAMD: Global and Local Attention Mask Distillation for Object Detectors.  European Conference on Computer Vision.  이스라엘
  • (2022)  Samba: Identifying Inappropriate Videos for Young Children on YouTube.  ACM Conference on Information and Knowledge Management.  미국
  • (2022)  Selective Tensorized Multi-layer LSTM for Orbit Prediction.  ACM Conference on Information and Knowledge Management.  미국
  • (2022)  Sliding Cross Entropy for Self-Knowledge Distillation.  ACM Conference on Information and Knowledge Management.  미국
  • (2022)  Towards an Awareness of Time Series Anomaly Detection Models' Adversarial Vulnerability.  ACM Conference on Information and Knowledge Management.  미국
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  • (2021)  VFP290K: A Large-Scale Benchmark Dataset for Vision-based Fallen Person Detection.  Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems.  캐나다